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2012 May Flower Competition

The May Flower Competition Has Closed.  Please be sure to check out the contest page and sub-menus to see the winners.  Congratulations to all and happy gardening!

Another Gift For You

We hope you found, and enjoyed, the Wheel of Fortune game.  However it appears that it is now off the air and that wacky webmaster of ours has hidden another treat for you somewhere on the website.  You will enjoy this one, without a doubt.   Happy Hunting! 

Gentlepersons, Start Your Flowering!

It's almost here!  The May Flower Competition!!!

We at Outdoor Care are busy preparing, and it would help us tremendously if you could answer a short and sweet type of "interest" poll.  There are only 2 questions.  If you are seeing this message from our blog already on the website just click the "May Contest Participation Poll" page.  Answer the 2 questions and submit.  Easy as that.  It also is an anonymous poll and does not obligate anyone to anything.

Announcing: May Flower Competitions!

Several fans of Outdoor Care have submitted pictures of the beautiful flowers they have nurtured with obviously green thumbs.  Since April showers bring (more) May flowers, we here at Outdoor Care thought it would be fun to offer a little contest to see who has the greenest thumb of them all!

There will be two entry categories, "Best Owned Plant" and "Best Grown Plant".  Basically you "own" it if you did not plant it yourself and care for it to maturity, otherwise you've "grown" it.

Unique Herb Gardens

Cool Idea of the Day:

These are two inventive ideas that would be perfect for an herb garden.  It appears the picture on the left is made out of some sort of angled-cut plastic bottle or jug, while the one on the right is held by a simple canvas shoe rack.  Do you think these would work well?  Are there any drawbacks that you see?

A little gift for you

We have embedded something you might call fun somewhere on the website.  Take a look around and see if you can find it.  You will know it when you see it.  Happy hunting! 

Welcome to the OC

The OC Blog, that is....   Outdoor Care will be using this page to update you on company news, events, special promotions, and more.  So please come back often to remain up to date!
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